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i am like a leaf on the wind;

suspended in space, letting itself be carried away.


First, I would like to thank blossom for giving me an old handle I had foolishly deleted. I'd like to thank her publicly for her generosity towards a stranger, & an open heart to a new friend.

A little about t h e a u t h o r:

♥ My name is Sia & I love honeydew, pomegrante tea, jello & curry!

♥ I am 23 years old, & an INTJ.

♥ I was born November 12th, making me a Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon, & Scorpio Ascendent. I do not believe in astrology but I know a lot about it. I used to really like it in high school so I read a lot about it. I can make charts for anyone for free & I can interpret them as well.

♥ I was into occult things for a while; I can read stars, read runes, read tarot, & read palms. While many people charge for these services I do them for free. I do not think these services are worth being paid for, as that's taking advantage of people's superstition.

♥ I am pretty rusty at my old hobbies, but I do have artistic inclinations. I used to keep an updated deviantart once in a while. I photograph, paint, pencil sketch, draw, & fan-art quite a bit. Occassionally I put something in my deviantart, but not so much anymore. memory-of-eternity.deviantart.com (art) ; rapture-sama.deviantart.com (photography).

♥ This journal was named after one of my favorite songs of all time, Memory of Eternity: Lightwaves from FFX-2. It was my mother's favorite song as well & I made this handle because the song meant so much to me. (my deviantart handle is of it too, but it is of the first part)

♥ I love trying new things & getting to know people. I have a thing against mundanity so I am always trying to find new ways to inspire myself to do artwork. Or try to cheer up a complete stranger because God knows we need more happiness in the world.

♥ I graduated college in Political Science: Pre-Law & felt I would change the world. Instead, I'm finding that I miss my first major most: computer science & html, coding, photoshop, & the like. I'll be going back sometime to complete it.

♥ I'm a Yoga nut & a health nut, I play World of Warcraft (mostly the tanking type) & many other video games. I'm not much of the animu geek I used to be, but I still get myself into some seriously dark animes every now & then.

- I have a thing about privacy, but I am always willing to get to know someone & be a friend. My stigma about letting others in comes from a history of abandonment & a general phobia of not being loved.

- Sometimes I can be a fatalistic pessimist. I'd like to blame the heavy amount of Scorpio influence in my chart, but that's just a cop-out. Its mostly because I had a rough start & have a hard time shaking bad habits. I may not be the most sympathetic in the world, but I am the most understanding of unfortunate events.

- I will most likely tear up my artwork or criticize my photography before it even gets published/seen for critique. It's been so long I've done this that I can readily just admit that I suck. I am learning to grit my teeth & do it though, as any constructive critism will get me to get better.

- I have a bad tendency to get lost in my world. Mostly World of Warcraft has been my vice.

- I can be a very messy workaholic, & forget to keep up with birthdays, anniversaries, or any other responsibilities than do not directly involve "work".

- I have a terrible desire for candy at ungodly hours of the morning.

- I work graveyard shifts so I am usually awake when the world is asleep. While most of the time this can be a beautiful phenomenon to find the world completely asleep, it can get pretty lonely.

- I am 23 but I am often mistaken for younger because my attitude. I was very sheltered in my childhood & I am still trying to grow into my skin.

- & lastly, a few dislikes: I don't like brussel sprouts, cats, fairweather friends, or controlling people.

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